Someone Else’s Style: Alycia Robinson

Alycia 2.jpegThis week we will feature Alycia “Iman” Robinson. She will show us how her style reflects who she is and everything about her. I am so excited to have her take over THL for the next week, I hope you are too! So here we go!

Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t feel like getting dress, but the same time you do? Just like every other student in America, today I had to attend this place called school. Monday’s and Wednesday’s happen to be the worst days because you don’t want to go. Like seriously you just had a great no alarm clock, no teacher, no annoying students weekend. Now you have to go back. But the worst part is “what are you going to wear?” For me I’m not a sweats girl, don’t get me wrong I own some, however, I don’t like to wear them in public all the time. I guarantee everyone in school or class are going to have on sweatpants because it’sMonday. But if you know me I literally HATE being like everyone else. So for me today, I had to come up with a cute simple but “dang you cute” outfit.  Alicia 1 .jpg

Though my pants were army green you can do the same look with tan or black pants. One of the latest trends that are becoming very popular is joggers. They’re so comfy and cute. Though they can be sweatpants material, they don’t look like it. You can dress them up or you can wear them as sweats. Today I wore mine a little dressed up, I paired my joggers with a White V-Neck, Blue Jean Jacket and Toms. You can never go wrong with this outfit. Having a few basics with a little extra to it, you have what I call “Chill Outfit.” Well, kind of!! I believe this outfit can serve so many purposes and you can do so much with. Click the link below to get the look prices and where to get it from. For more help and stylish tips contact me via email lets chat!

Until next time…


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