Motivation Monday: Off The Deep End

3. 2. 1. Jump. I feel like the count of three is the most difficult part of jumping off the deep end. Whenever you’re really excited to do something new, you are always so confident up until the countdown. It’s like those last three seconds allow you to think about so much, a lot of which can be good, but some of the things thought, are shallow and make you want to back out. This is how I felt when starting my nonprofit. During the planning stages I was so excited and ready to take over the world, but when it came time to launch, I was frozen and concerned because I wanted everything to be perfect. I had to keep this image that everything I do is perfect and my life is perfect. Shortly after launching, I got real with myself and said, If I want this to be successful, I have to be willing to notice, accept and change the flaws as they come. There will never be a perfect company and Notebook is far from it, but the work we do is so substantial that it keeps everyone afloat. We do it because we love it, and we have jumped off the deep end because we aren’t afraid of the waters down below us, but because we understand the many opportunities that come with taking a dive and trusting yourself.
By jumping off the deep end I learned so much about myself and what I love to do, so on this Motivation Monday, I recommend that you either jump off the deep end or prepare yourself for the dive. Trying new things will always be terrifying, but new experiences are so rewarding in the end. Don’t worry about the things happening now, just enjoy the dive and you’ll be just fine.

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