About Me


Two High Life is a daily college lifestyle blog for college students by college students. It started out as a blog that followed the life of Thomas, who actually live on the 2nd Floor, high side. As a way to document all of the crazy things that happened on their floor, he created THL. Since then THL has expanded from not only crazy stories but advice, music, fashion, and travel. THL is truly your one stop shop for everything you need regarding college.

About Thomas: My name is Thomas Brown Jr. and I am a student at Michigan State University studying Microbiology. I hope to one day become a pediatric neurologist or neurosurgeon, and own my practice hopefully based in Portland, OR. I’m not the normal guy when it comes to my interests because I’m pretty much interested in everything. From Music to language to education, my interests touch almost all bases.

Fun fact: I love saying fun fact, no but really one fun fact about me is I’m the youngest person on the floor and I always get made fun of for being the baby. I enjoy Vineyard Vines, hot cups of green, or white tea and longs walks on the beach. I’m also addicted to my cell phone and I’m always on social media, so if you want to stalk my life, here is your invitation.

Hopefully, this page has helped you get to know me better, but if you want more, be sure to follow me on social media, and check back here every day for a new surprise.



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